Victim Law Library

Victim Law Library

The Victim Law Library contains victims’ rights laws, organized by jurisdiction, and legal publications about crime victims’ rights. The primary intended audience of the materials in the Law Library are attorneys, as the writing is law and citation-heavy. The resources in the Law Library include Case Summaries of key victims’ rights cases; National Law Surveys, which focus on one topic and collect the relevant law from across the country into one document; Public Policy Papers, which detail NCVLI’s position on cutting-edge victims’ rights issues; Victim Law Bulletins & Articles, which provide in-depth analysis of victims’ rights topics and offer practice tips; and other written resources related to crime victims’ rights.

Victim Law Library

Materials are organized by topic and may be accessed by selecting the relevant right, victim type, or procedural posture.  For a collection of case summaries impacting victims’ rights, visit our New & Noteworthy Cases.  All information is educational and intended for informational purposes only; it neither constitutes legal advice nor substitutes for legal advice. For additional resources relating to victims’ rights that are designed to assist practitioners with effectively asserting and seeking enforcement of victims’ rights, please visit NCVLI’s Rights Enforcement Toolkit. NCVLI’s Know Your Rights / Quicktools videos provide overviews of victims’ rights-related issues, as well as specific victims’ rights. 

For jurisdiction and state-by-state resources focusing on victims’ rights laws within select jurisdictions and jurisdiction-specific privacy, confidentiality and privilege laws including an overview of legal issues relating to law enforcement-based victim advocacy and privacy CLICK HERE.

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Did you know to generate one of NCVLI’s legal publications requires an average of 50 attorney hours? This includes Legal Bulletins and Victim Law Articles that elevate the entire victims’ rights field so the best legal, public policy, and social science arguments can be made in support of victims’ rights. The fair market value of each of these FREE products – just factoring attorney time – is $13,000. We need your help to continue to provide this service. Please consider a donation!