Dedicated to crime victims’ rights

Elevating Victim Agency, Equity & Dignity

Oftentimes legal systems, particularly the criminal legal system, can ignore individualized victim needs. This becomes increasingly pronounced when the system intersects with marginalized communities.

Victim Voice. Victim Choice.

All victims – no matter their identities or backgrounds – have unique experiences and needs when navigating criminal justice processes, and deserve to have their rights afforded, their voices heard, and to be treated with dignity.

It’s our collective responsibility to ensure that we recognize, acknowledge and provide the opportunity for victim voice and choice by providing legal expertise to ensure that the individual may make informed decisions about how to exercise their rights.

Elevating victim agency, equity and dignity will provide for meaningful victim participation, ensure a better system, and empower individuals and communities.

NCVLI Partners with Equal Justice Works on New Grant Project.

NCVLI to partner on new grant to mobilize legal fellows to provide no-cost legal services to victims of crime in underserved communities.