June 5-7, 2023

Portland, Oregon

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Early bird pricing for in-person tickets available until May 5th! Prices below are for early bird pricing! Prices will increase by $100 once the deadline passes, so register soon. 

  • June 5 Pre-Conference Institute | $125 + Whova fees.
    • This in-person only training will be an advanced victims’ rights advocacy course during which a case scenario is analyzed and rights advocacy paths identified There with sessions for victim advocates and victims’ rights attorneys. CLE credits will be applied for.  More information to come.
  • June 6-7 Conference In-Person Standard Rate | $500 + Whova fees.
    • Admission to the 2023 Crime Victim Law Conference.
  • June 6-7 Conference In-Person Gov/Military Rate | $450 + Whova fees.
    • Admission to the 2023 Crime Victim Law Conference for those employed by government entities or the military.
  • June 6-7 Conference In-Person Non-Profit/Academic | $400 + Whova fees.
    • Admission to the 2023 Crime Victim Law Conference for non-profit staff, educators, and academics.
  • June 6-7 Conference Virtual Ticket Attendance | $350 + Whova fees.
    • Admission to virtual attendance of the 2023 Crime Victim Law Conference.

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The Pre-Conference Institute will take place, in-person, on the afternoon of June 5th. If you intend to attend both the Pre-Conference Institute and the Crime Victim Law Conference, please make sure to purchase both tickets through the link above.

Are you an experienced victim advocate or victim attorney in a jurisdiction that has laws affording rights to victims, but have seen those rights ignored or even intentionally violated?  Do you notice violations happening more often for particularly vulnerable victims?  Are you hoping to increase your ability to advocate for those rights to ensure they are recognized?  While victims’ rights laws are still relatively new, there is much that victim advocates and victims’ rights attorneys can do to assert and seek enforcement of victims’ rights. The Pre-Conference Institute is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of attorneys and advocates so that they can better advocate on behalf of crime victims. This Institute will begin with an overview of victims’ rights and the introduction of a complex case scenario.  We will then turn to dedicated breakouts – one for attorneys and one for advocates – using a case scenario to practice the art and skill of rights advocacy. The final session of the Pre-Institute brings everyone together, focusing on collaboration in our advocacy.  Presenters will be experienced victims’ rights attorneys from the National Crime Victim Law Institute as well as partner attorneys and advocates.  The advocate breakout will be focused on Oregon law, but open to attendees from all jurisdictions, as it is Oregon’s Advanced State Victim Assistance Academy.  Over the course of the Pre-Conference Institute you will take your advocacy skills to a new level and you will leave this day better prepared to advocate for victims! CLE and track information to come at a later date

While the agenda is still being finalized there will be sessions covering topics including

  • Civil Justice for Criminal Acts
  • Cyber Crimes Within Domestic Violence Relationships
  • Case Study: Navigating sexual abuse cases involving guardianship, competency, and the criminal justice process for victims with disabilities.
  • What Attorneys Representing Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence Need to Know About Their Employment Rights
  • Ethics & Humanity: The Co-Existence of Rule 3.8 & Human Bias
  • Know Better, Do Better: Seeking Racial Justice in the Victims’ Rights Context
  • Addressing Egregious and Systemic Victim Rights Violations
  • Creating a Record for Appellate Review
  • When a victim gets sued : Using an anti-SLAPP motion and other techniques to defend a military sexual assault victim in civilian court — and how a case can be litigated for eight years
  • Impact of Military Justice Reform Measures
  • Litigating Victims’ Rights to Secure Language Access
  • Trauma Informed Administration of Title IX
  • Victims’ Counsel and Military Rule of Evidence 513, Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege
  • Restorative Justice: Myths, Practices, and Benefits
  • A Thirty-Year Odyssey for Justice

Curious what kind of sessions you’ll see at the Conference? Click here to view last year’s Conference agenda.

Speaker biographies to come at a later date.

An application for CLE credit will be submitted to the Oregon State Bar.  The training may be eligible for CLE credit in other states; a certificate of attendance will be available after the program.  More information about the total number of CLE credits will be available at a later date.

The 2023 Crime Victim Law Conference will be held at Hilton Portland Downtown.

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Q:        What is different about this Conference?

A:       The Crime Victim Law Conference is the only national conference focusing on victim law, including enforcement of victims’ rights in criminal cases.  So while many trainings are about services and support for victims, this Conference looks at the law of victims’ rights in all systems (criminal, civil, military, administrative).  While many sessions are taught by lawyers, we integrate a multi-disciplinary approach to understanding the impact of law, rights, and the justice system on victims.  We also ensure that while the focus is law, advocates and allied professionals benefit from the sessions as increased understanding of the law and its impact is good for everyone who works with victims.


Q:       Who is the target audience? 

A:        Our target audience includes lawyers, advocates, and allied professionals working with victims as they navigate justice systems (criminal, civil, military  administrative).


Q:        Is this Conference a look at victim’s rights at a national level? 

A:       The Conference includes breakout sessions, and plenaries that address national and international victims’/human rights issues and themes that present across jurisdictions.  The Conference also offers glimpses of state- and local-level work so that individuals from different jurisdictions can learn from each other’s practices.


Q:       In the overview it states the Conference includes a focus on rights enforcement in criminal cases. What does this mean? 

A:       Most states have constitutional amendments and every jurisdiction has a statutory scheme that affords victims’ rights during the criminal investigation and prosecution of an accused.  These rights generally include the rights to be notified, present, and heard at certain times, to privacy and protection, and to seek restitution.  Often these rights are left to the prosecutor to assert on the victim’s behalf, which can mean that the rights are not advocated for as aggressively as a victim may hope, and at other times despite the prosecutor’s advocacy courts ignore the rights and no one seeks appellate relief.  “Victims’ rights enforcement” is that part of Victim Law that is about victims asserting and seeking enforcement of their rights independently in criminal courts and seeking appellate review when those rights are denied.


Q: What is included in the virtual Conference?

A: Plenaries and one breakout topic per session will be streamed and recorded. These sessions will be available for 90 days after the event for virtual attendees.


Q:       Is this an OVW-approved training?

A:      We will be submitting conference approval to OVW and will update this FAQ as we receive more information. In most cases, grantees are required to contact their OVW program specialist to get approval specific to their award and to ensure that a Grant Adjustment Modification (GAM) is issued. A GAM must be completed before grantees commit or expend any funds related to attending this conference.

Q:        How many CLE credits are available through Conference?

A:    For Oregon Attorneys: Prior Conferences have had 10-13 Oregon CLE credits available. NCVLI will be applying for Oregon CLE and California CLE credits. The exact number of CLE credits that NCVLI will be applying for is not yet known. 


For Other Attorneys: For states beyond Oregon please see the next FAQ.


Q:        Are my CLE credits earned at Conference applicable outside of Oregon?

A:        Attendees seeking CLE credit outside of Oregon will be provided with a certificate of attendance which notes the total number of hours of the Conference but does not certify attendance at any particular session.  Attendees can then petition their state Bar Association for credit. NCVLI does not seek certification outside of Oregon.


Q:        Are CEU credits available through Conference for Social Workers?

A:        NCVLI is not applying for CEU credits.


Q:        Can my organization provide information to Conference attendees? If so, how?

A:        For a fee, NCVLI will have an unstaffed Exhibit Hall to display literature such as brochures, pamphlets, and leaflets. In addition there is Exhibitor space in our Conference App.  Exhibit costs can be found starting on page 14 of our sponsor guide 


Q:        Who is eligible for the Student Discount?

A:        To be eligible for the student discount individuals must be attending a university, college, law school, graduate school, community college, or vocational school as at least a half-time student.  High school or GED enrolled students over 18 are also eligible if they are enrolled full time. 


Q:        Are scholarships available for attendees?

A:       ,Professional development scholarships may be available through OVC-TTAC (https://www.ovcttac.gov/views/HowWeCanHelp/dspPDScholarship.cfm). 

Q:        Can I register for just one day of Conference?

A:        No, Conference registration is for both days. There is a Pre-Conference Institute that is just one day and participants can choose to attend only the Pre-Conference Institute. 


Q:        I registered for Conference but am unable attend the event at all, can I transfer my registration to someone else?

A:        Registrations may be transferred to another individual for no fee if the request is submitted by Friday, May 19, 2023 . Registration transfers will not be allowed after that date. Transfer requests can be emailed to ncvliconference@lclark.edu and need to include the original registration confirmation along with the name and contact information of the new person who is being registered.

We do not allow partial registration transfers.


Q:        I am unable to attend Conference but would like Conference materials. How do I obtain the Conference materials if I am not an attendee?

A:        All materials (e.g. PowerPoints, cases, pleadings) provided at Conference or made available to attendees on a Conference app.  If you are a paid attendee but simply cannot attend you will still have access to the materials through this App. If you are not a paid attendee we cannot provide you the materials.

Q:       Is transportation provided to the Conference?

A:       The Conference is located within the recommended Conference hotel and is within walking distance of many nearby restaurants and shops.  Transportation from the airport to/from the Conference hotel is the responsibility of the attendee.  Public transportation options can be found using The TriMet Trip Planner or you can contact the hotel for particular guidance regarding your best airport transportation options.


Q: What is the Conference hotel?

A:  This year, the Conference venue is the Hilton Portland Downtown and is located at 921 SW 6th Ave, Portland, OR 97204. It is walking distance from bus stops, the MAX lightrail, parks, and the Willamette River. To book your rooms using the event roomblock please use the following link: https://book.passkey.com/go/NCVLI23


Q: What is the Conference App?

A: The Conference app this year is Whova. Within this app you can conveniently access the Conference agenda, communicate with Conference organizers and attendees, and pose questions to presenters. Many important announcements regarding the Conference will be communicated within this app so it is recommended that attendees download Whova. To download this app, click this link if you use iPhones or iPadsUse this Link if you use Android phones and tablets. Alternatively, navigate to the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android) and search for Whova. 


Q:  How much does it cost to attend the Conference?

A:  There are a few levels for Conference registration. Please see the registration form for details. If you have additional questions, please contact ncvliconference@lclark.edu


Q: If I register for the Conference do I get to attend the Pre-Conference Institute?

A: You must register for the Pre-Conference Insitute to attend the Pre-Conference Institute. Registration to the Conference is only valid for June 6-7th. 


Q:  If I register for the Pre-Conference Institute do I get a discount on Conference?

A:  No, registration is unique for each event and does not create eligibility for a discount.  


Q: Do NAVRA members receive a discount?

A: Enhanced NAVRA members are eligible for a discount for both the in-person and the virtual Conference. Please contact ncvliconference@lclark.edu to receive the discount code. 


Q:  What is the attire for the Conference?

A:  Casual or business casual.  There will likely be military members in uniform.

Annual Law Student Victims’ Rights Writing Competition

Students are invited to submit a completed paper (or abstract) addressing victims’ rights.

Selected papers will recieve cash prizes and an invitation to the 2023 Crime Victim Law Conference.

Deadline: May 8, 2023 | 11:59 PM PST