Legal Assistance Clinics

NCVLI has a long history of helping crime victims secure access to justice through no-cost legal services.  We do this through partnerships with other legal service providers across the country and our Crime Victim Litigation Clinic.

RISE – Rights in Systems Enforced Project

The vision of the Rights in Systems Enforced (RISE) Project is a national network of legal clinics providing legal representation to assist victims in asserting and seeking enforcement of their rights in criminal cases, and, as necessary during and in support of such representation, provide those victims representation on collateral civil legal matters arising from the victimization. RISE positions NCVLI as the national training and technical assistance provider to these clinics.

Wraparound Victim Legal Assistance Networks

The vision of the Victim Legal Assistance Networks is that there is “No Wrong Door” for a victim seeking legal services. If a victim calls an organization that is not able to meet a specific need, the victim will still be assisted and connected with an organization that can help. This Project ended in 2019. Related resources and replication tools remain available.

Crime Victim Litigation Clinic

The Crime Victims Litigation Clinic (CVLC) at Lewis & Clark Law School offers second and third year law students the unique opportunity to be on the cutting edge of criminal law and procedure. In the CVLC, students will have the chance to work on a variety of casework and policy issues touching on sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, homicide, trafficking, “revenge porn”, “child pornography”, identity theft/fraud and much more.  Over the years CVLC students have worked on high profile cases including those with defendants Kobe Bryant, Bill Cosby, Jeffrey Epstein, and Hope Solo.