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NCVLI provides technical assistance only. NCVLI does not provide legal advice.

Nothing stated or submitted via this website is privileged. Do not provide any confidential or private information to NCVLI at any time. Please be aware that NCVLI may be required by law in some instances to report possible abuse committed against vulnerable populations, including children and older adults, which may require disclosure of information you provide to NCVLI in this form.

Any technical assistance NCVLI provides does not substitute for independent research, analysis, or determination of the facts of any particular situation or the law. Answering the questions in the form below does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and NCVLI. The information you provide is collected solely for the purpose of facilitating a response to your request. NCVLI will not distribute any personally identifiable information that you provide to other entities without your express consent. NCVLI may, at times, share de-identified information for purposes of reporting about our work and aggregate data for purposes of analysis.

Due to the high volume of requests that NCVLI receives, priority is given to requests from Enhanced NAVRA members, partners on NCVLI’s funded projects, and requests regarding rights enforcement tied to cases in active litigation. Your request will be acknowledged and then reviewed for determination of what, if any, assistance NCVLI can provide. You will be notified regarding that assessment within 14 days from submitting this form.

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If you are a victim seeking help, please note that NCVLI generally does not provide direct legal representation and cannot give legal advice. For this reason we will only respond to requests submitted by victims’ rights attorneys, advocates, and other allied professionals. To find resources as a victim please use the following databases:

NCVLI’s Victim Resource Database (Please note that our database is currently undergoing widespread updates and corrections.)

Office for Victims of Crime Database

Victim Connect Database

If you are in need of an attorney, a number of different organizations have compiled links to legal resources that can assist with finding an attorney nationwide.  The American Bar Association’s website, for example, includes information that can assist with finding an attorney who could help on a range of different legal issues (  Many state bar associations also offer lawyer referral services that may be able to help connect you with an attorney.

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