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NCVLI trains on a variety of victim law issues from specific victims’ rights, such as the rights to privacy, protection, notice, presence, and to be heard; to core access to justice issues, such as securing language access and testimonial accommodations; to issues impacting specific victim populations, such as military-connected victims, victims of hate and bias crimes, and immigrant crime victims.

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NCVLI trains on victims’ rights enforcement through in-person trainings, conference presentations, webinars, and other technology assisted trainings. Our trainings cover introductory topics for those new to victims’ rights, advanced topics for those who want to deepen their knowledge of a particular topic, and practical skills for those working in the trenches.

Trainings are customizable by audience, length, and learning objective. Because protecting victims’ rights is often a multidisciplinary endeavor, NCVLI routinely partners with medical and mental health professionals to co-train.

We welcome suggestions for topics and speakers for any of our events.

Whether your audience consists of prosecutors, advocates, judges, law enforcement, allied professionals, community partners, students, or a combination of these groups, and whether you have 1 hour or 2 days, a training from NCVLI will improve your understanding of and ability to protect victims’ rights. To request a training from NCVLI please fill out the following form:

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