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We are facing some of the most pressing victims’ rights issues of our time. Your support will help NCVLI continue to elevate victim agency, equity and dignity as we move into the year 2024.

Training and Education

We enhanced resources so that survivors across the country could access attorneys and advocates trained in rights advocacy.

Legal Advocacy

We fought in trial and appellate courts to secure rights for the survivors of today and tomorrow.

Public Policy

We showed up in key policy discussions to ensure that survivors’ voices were present.

We need to support crime victims now more than ever. That’s where NCVLI can help.

When a person is denied their legal rights, it can have profound and life-altering consequences.

It has long been recognized that legal representation improves outcomes in our justice system. Despite this, there remains a significant resistance to victims having independent counsel in criminal cases.

Your 100% tax-deductible gift will support our nationwide efforts to actively promote comprehensive and enforceable legal rights for crime victims.

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When a child is sexually assaulted, reporting the abuse to law enforcement can result in loss of privacy and other legal rights for the child and their parents.

This is not a hypothetical.

In a case NCVLI is working on, a child and their undocumented immigrant parents faced extreme risks because the defendant sought to access their private information.

Fortunately, NCVLI is working with a long-time partner to to help this family access justice without sacrificing their rights.

Before the highest court in the state, we emphasized that undocumented immigrants are among the most vulnerable to crime, and once victimized, they face significant barriers to accessing justice and a high risk of re-victimization.

We pointed out that Congress created the U Visa to redress this situation by offering protection to victims and their families while also promoting a law enforcement response.

Victims disclose intimate details in their visa applications. We pointed out to the court that not only does federal law make the application confidential, but state constitutional rights to dignity, privacy and protection also protect the application.

Every victim deserves a well-trained, well-supported no-cost attorney working with them. And every victims’ rights attorney deserves to have NCVLI’s legal power behind them.

This case is pending, but you can help countless other victims and their families.

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Donation FAQs

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Donations to NCVLI are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. You will receive a tax acknowledgement letter upon receipt of your donation. You can also download our IRS nonprofit determination letter here.

If I do not restrict my donation, how will NCVLI use it?

NCVLI uses unrestricted donations to fund critical activities such as amicus curiae support, outreach, and education as well as capacity building to ensure we will be around for victims in the future. We can only fund these activities through unrestricted donations from supporters.

Can I restrict my donation to fund a specific project?

Yes, you can designate what you would like your donation to fund. The restriction can be placed in the comment field of the online donation form or on the front of your check.

Where can I mail a check?

Checks can be made out to NCVLI and mailed to: 1130 SW Morrison Street, Suite 240, Portland, OR 97205