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In 2022, we focused on preparing every victim, attorney, advocate, and allied professional to Ask for Rights in trial courts, appellate courts, policy debates, and legislative hallways.

Training and Education

We enhanced resources so that survivors across the country could access attorneys and advocates trained in rights advocacy.

Legal Advocacy

We fought in trial and appellate courts to secure rights for the survivors of vtoday and tomorrow.

Public Policy

We showed up in key policy discussions to ensure that survivors’ voices were present.

Join the Movement

2022 was just the beginning! Our ongoing call to action is to shift from knowledge of rights to action; from rights that are just words on paper to rights with meaning. Ask for Rights continues!

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Dear Friend,
As 2022 nears its close, I want to thank you for fighting alongside the National Crime Victim Law Institute to Ask for Rights. With your support we trained attorneys and advocates, litigated cutting edge victims’ rights issues, and enhanced our pro bono portal to connect survivors in need with attorneys ready to serve. Even as we celebrate these successes, there is so much more we need to do so that each and every survivor can access their rights.

We cannot get there without you. I am asking you to join us in raising $25,000 by donating $50 or more before the end of the year to ensure we can continue to empower survivors to ask for their rights.

Your support made a difference in 2022. Just one example of your impact.

NCVLI received a request from an attorney assisting a mother and child who had both been shot by the defendant. The mother wanted to be heard at the pretrial release hearing – a right afforded to her under the state’s law. The defense counsel objected, arguing that the court should not hear from the victim and if it did, it should require her to be under oath and subject to cross-examination. Nothing in the law supported the defense’s argument. Despite this, the court was ready to side with the defense.

The victim’s right to be heard was being turned into an obligation to testify and be subject to cross-examination. New to victims’ rights, the victim’s attorney turned to NCVLI.

When the call came we knew it was urgent. Release hearings happen quickly; securing victims’ voices and safety is paramount. But the case involved a crime in a state that fell outside of our grant-funded projects. Without financial assistance from donors like you, we would have had to decline to help – but we weren’t faced with that choice.

Because of you, our legal team jumped into action.

We researched the law, crafted legal arguments, had a strategic consultation call, and connected the attorney with other practitioners on the ground in the state. We provided support to the attorney to ensure this victim could meaningfully ask for her rights.

We need your help when the next call comes in. Your gift today will make it possible for NCVLI to support the victim whose rights are in jeopardy tomorrow. With your help, we can continue to Ask for Rights.

- Meg Garvin, MA, JD, MsT

Executive Director, National Crime Victim Law Institute

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Donation FAQs

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Donations to NCVLI are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. You will receive a tax acknowledgement letter upon receipt of your donation. You can also download our IRS nonprofit determination letter here.

If I do not restrict my donation, how will NCVLI use it?

NCVLI uses unrestricted donations to fund critical activities such as amicus curiae support, outreach, and education as well as capacity building to ensure we will be around for victims in the future. We can only fund these activities through unrestricted donations from supporters.

Can I restrict my donation to fund a specific project?

Yes, you can designate what you would like your donation to fund. The restriction can be placed in the comment field of the online donation form or on the front of your check.

Where can I mail a check?

Checks can be made out to NCVLI and mailed to: 1130 SW Morrison Street, Suite 240, Portland, OR 97205