September 13, 2022

Webinar: Exploring New Connections to Prevent & Respond to IPV in Military & Veteran Populations

Presenter:  Tony Korol-Evans, Ph.D., Training & Special Projects Administrator, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence

Description:  Significant research exists on intimate partner violence (IPV) response, traumatic brain injury (TBI), persistent post-concussion symptoms (PPCS), post-traumatic stress (PTS), suicidal ideation (SI), and homicidal ideation (HI). Occasionally, the research on these topics will overlap, such as in the case of TBI, PPCS, & PTS or IPV, SI, & HI. Research on the relationship between IPV and TBI has largely centered on survivors of head trauma and strangulation, and even this research is fairly new and less known in the field. Most of the studies look at these six concepts in silos or in small clusters. This training examines the relationship between all six and how understanding their connection can provide opportunities for intervention that could ultimately save lives.

Learning Objectives:

– Explain what the acronyms HI, IPV, PPCS, PTS, SI, & TBI stand for in their own words

– Describe statistics and information on these key terms

– Evaluate how these topics overlap

– Discuss different touchpoints where interventions can be made

– Begin to develop a protocol for their organizations to screen for evidence of multiple instances of these indicators of potential lethality & a plan for referrals